Health and Welfare

Our school nurse is an invaluable tool in keeping our kids safe and happy at school.  Chairperson will assist the Nurse in evaluating opportunities for improvements in physical, mental, and environmental health for our students at Lenexa Hills.  Chairperson will work with school Nurse to implement school-wide and small group programs including but not limited to online safety, personal safety/body boundaries, self-compassion, gardening, cooking, mindfulness, and physical activity.  Chairperson will also coordinate volunteers with the school nurse during vision/hearing screening and deliver a thank you gift during National School Nurse Week (Always May 6-12, National Nurses Day is the Wednesday within.)     


Our school library is a fundamental resource for supporting our student’s learning.  Chairperson will work with the Librarian to schedule volunteers to help with shelving books and other tasks.  (Committee responsibilities run yearlong)

Nominating Committee

This committee is responsible for presenting the best-qualified nominees to hold officer positions.  Rules for nominations can be found in the Lenexa Hills Standing Rules.  This committee shall be composed of an uneven number of PTA members and will be selected by executive officers in December or January.  (Committee responsibilities begin in early February, and will include being responsible for naming officer nominees in March, and helping with the election in April)

Preschool Pals

Lenexa Hills hosts preschoolers throughout the year for an hour.  Age-appropriate activities such as crafts, stories, and music are used to engage with kids and get them excited about being future Lenexa Hills Lions!  Chairperson(s) coordinate dates with the office and advertise events to local preschools, daycares, churches, our LH Preschool, and social media such as Nextdoor the network for neighborhoods.  Volunteers are needed at these events.  (Committee responsibilities run yearlong)


The National PTA Reflections program encourages students to explore their talents and express themselves through the arts.  Students create original works of art inspired by a yearly theme in any of six categories: dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts.  Chairperson is responsible for the coordination of Lenexa Hills entries.  The process begins by organizing, promoting, and judging a contest at the school level.  Lenexa Hills winning entries for each age group are sent to the Shawnee Mission School District competition.  District winners then advance to State competition and then possibly the National level.  (Committee responsibilities begin in early fall and end with the submission of winning entries to the district level, early January)

Room Parent Coordinator

We have at least 2 room parents per classroom to coordinate with the teacher in planning classroom celebrations and activities.  (i/e. Halloween Party, Hot Chocolate Break, and Valentines Party).  Room Parent Coordinator will provide a sign-up sheet to recruit volunteers for each classroom.  The Room Parent Coordinator will convey the “rules and regulations” of class parties and may need to communicate other information to room parents throughout the year.  Chairperson is also responsible for getting teachers a staff favorites list, collecting the sheets, and assembling a notebook kept in the office.  The coordinator also assembles and maintains a notebook of game ideas, food ideas, etc, to be kept in the office.  (Committee responsibilities run yearlong). 

Sixth Grade Celebration Coordinator

At Lenexa Hills, we like to send our sixth-grade graduates off with a true celebration.  Chairpersons will assist the 6th Grade teacher(s) in providing a reception for the celebration on the last day of school.  (Volunteers recruited by Sixth Grade Celebration Committee serve breakfast so you can attend the ceremony.)  Committee will also assist teachers in any additional festivities the day before school is out; this may or may not include planning a class picnic and taking a group photo on this day.  Chairperson may also be asked to help coordinate an assembly/ceremony for Sixth Grade DARE Graduation.  (Committee responsibility runs yearlong)