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Please note that not all committees will be active during the 2020-2021 school year.

Battle of the Books

This book program is a competition for the 4th through 6th graders.   A selection of books is given to the students and they pair up into teams.  At the end of the session, a competition about books is held.  Chairperson coordinates the book selections and recruits parent coordinators for each team.  This event requires a chairperson, parent coordinators for each group.  (Committee responsibilities run yearlong)

Bike Rodeo for Third Grade

This annual event for third graders is an opportunity to bring their bike and helmet to school and participate in an obstacle course designed by our DARE officer.  Upon successful completion of the course, they will be allowed to ride and park their bikes at the school.  Chairperson will promote the event, coordinate with DARE officer to laminate licenses, and recruit and organize parent volunteers.  (Committee responsibility is one day early in the fall.)

Book Fair Coordinator 

The Scholastic Book Fair held at Lenexa Hills is an opportunity for families to purchase books at a discount price.  LH earns “Scholastic Dollars” to purchase educational products for the school.  Chairpersons plan, promote, and run the Scholastic Book Fair.  Volunteer commitments involve helping to set up or take down the Book Fair, which usually involves a few hours on a given day.  Many volunteers are also needed during the event to help ring up purchases or to help students/parents find books that they might be interested in reading.  (Committee responsibilities run two months over the school year with time to prepare for, run and wrap up book fair)

Box Tops for Education

  Clip those box tops and earn money back for Lenexa Hills!  Chairperson will oversee collecting box tops, check expiration, put box tops on collection sheets in groups of 50, and submit.  Checks are issued to the school twice per year once in April is earnings total at least $20 and Again in December.  Chairperson will work with PTA Board and LH office to create an annual goal.  (Committee responsibilities run yearlong)

Clothing Center

The Shawnee Mission Area Council PTA (SMAC) provides the SMAC Clothing Exchange to families in our district in need of clothing assistance.  Lenexa Hills PTA collects new and used clothing throughout the school year.  Chairperson is responsible for coordinating volunteers for Lenexa Hills assigned day at the clothing center, coordinating a donation drive, and delivering collections to the Clothing Exchange.  (Committee responsibilities run yearlong)


Kansas PTA sponsors an essay or poem writing contest on a selected theme each year pertaining to some form of citizenship, this is for fifth through ninth graders.  Chairperson is responsible for organizing, promoting, and judging a contest at Lenexa Hills.  Winning entries advance to the Shawnee Mission School District and then possibly state-level contest.  (Committee responsibilities begin early fall, and end with the submission of winning entries to the district level at end of October)

Community Service Club

(also known as Youth Service Alliance)  Young people are more likely to volunteer when engaged through schools and Lenexa Hills students are encouraged to be active contributors to the betterment of our community.  The USA is a program for students to be introduced to meaningful service. Students record their service hours as they participate in projects pertaining to Youth Serving Youth, Environment, Health Elderly Assistance, Disaster Relief, Hunger and Homelessness, Community Improvement, Literacy and Education, and Public Safety/Violence Prevention.  Involvement in these areas will help them find their voice, take action, and make an impact.  Chairpersons for this committee will be responsible for coordinating regular YSA volunteer efforts, promoting events, and coordinating end of year assembly.  Parent volunteers are needed to help during these events.  (Committee responsibilities run yearlong) ***Committee responsibilities also include coordinating a community service project for students at each PTA meeting.